Will Smith Audiobook

Will Smith Audiobook

Will Smith Audiobook - Will own Wisdom

One of the Best Actors of all time, singer and writer decides to write a detailed book about his journey to success.

All is endeavors, are failures and his struggles in the Music and Acting industry, making sure he never lost his soul in the process, he talks about his learning curve, what he learned from his mistakes, his fight for inner happiness, and his fantastic journey in becoming the best of both Music and Acting industry.

In Will Smith Audiobook, he talks also about his transformation from being a West Philadelphia Kid to one of the biggest rappers in the world in his era, and also a big superstar in the movie industry but there is more to the book than just this.

Achieve your dreams

Will Smith Audiobook is a book of a memoir of a profound journey into yourself where you can learn to master your Will to achieve anything you set your mind to, also with the help of your good friend Mark Mason, writer of the multi-million bestseller The subtle art of not giving a fck, will is a book of how a person from humble begginings mastered his emotions, written for everyone, in every stage of development, made in such a simple and practical manner that anyone can follow his foot steps.

The fuel that fuels your Will, is a tool on its own capable of changing every path, every destiny you set it on to, all those struggles and fears are washed away when you start practicing the Will.

Will you set for the Stars but land on the Moon? Everything is possible when Will is on your side and doing his marvelous miracles in yourself, your family members, and every person you know and get touched by it.

When you acquire this audiobook, you will get a PDF fyle with exercises and practical instructions that is a companion to the main book.

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