The subtle art of not giving a fck

The subtle art of not giving a fck

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The Subtle Art of not giving a fck

In this particular generation-defining self-help guidebook, a superstar doodlekit cuts through all the typical crap to demonstrate us tips on how to prevent trying to always be positive on a regular basis, and always trying to get people to like us, in abandoning this servitude idea we will be happier and our inner self will will develop.

Beeing a number one rule for many self help books, the idea of positive thinking is a number one rule for a positive life, rich with opportunities and achievments.

In the new Mark Manson book, The subtle art of not giving a fck, Mark actually tells us to “F*ck positivity ” , a counter intuitive idea to the normal rule that everyones follows that in his perspective is limiting out true potential. In this new book, Mark also tells us to not overthink what happens to us, good or bad, not to fell pitty about ourselvs or others. 

Taking Massive Action is key

Massive action, with a not giving up attitude and a self inner core developed by loving the proccess instead of resist to it, a very stoic way of living life. The suble art of not giving a fck tell us also that our society is plagged by this desease of “alwas feel good mentality”.

We as  humans and not robots its almost impossible to be in a happy state all the time, in accepting our emotional states and taking responsability for them we open a new pandbora box of freedom and happyness.

In his well writen narrative backed up by well timed dark humour, Mark tell us how to use our tools that we already have and use them better to reach out full potential. We know that not everyone ca be extraordinary, be a multi millionaire or a famous singer or hollywood supertar, in the book The suble art of not giving a fck we learn to be responsible for our faults and choices and be at peace in accepting all of them. Once we accept and confront our fears and uncertainties, we will start operating at a peek performance level and in confronting our truth we will start developing all the quality high achievers and champions of all areas have in comming.

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